Vansky Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna 50 Mile Range

Cut the cable and get access to HD programs forever including local news, weather forecast and sitcoms,kids and sports programs,etc. Enjoy crystal clear HDTV shows,720p,1080i,1080p|ATSC available.

 Vansky Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna 50 Mile Range
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50-MILE RANGE -- The hd antenna amplifier boosts the TV antenna with better signal and butterfly pattern optimizes reception. Working frequency: VHF 47-230MHz, UHF 470-862MHz. Channel reception may vary depending on what's broadcasting in your area, distance from broadcast towers, terrain and the surroundings.

SLIM & HIGH PERFORMANCE -- Paper-thin design makes free digital antenna easy to lay flat on table, hide it behind the TV, or place it high on window (highly recommended). It'll pull in hundreds of crystal clear digital & HD shows!

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