Spy Lens for Smartphones - Works with all Smartphones

Want to be an undercover agent and take epic pics? Don't have the chops? Think again. Nothing says “Awesome photo” better than a cool crushing low angle or a sweet simple birds eyes view. There are a dozen apps that will grade and tilt-shift your pics to infinity, but let's;s face it, nobody want to lay down on the floor and get a shot. And unless you play in the NBA getting hi shots is just as stressful.

If you've ever been to a concert and tried to get a band shot across hundreds of people you'll know what we mean. It's just so hard to get great hi/lo shots when the viewfinder is on the same axis as the lens. The Smartphone Spy Lens is a 90 degree adapter that slips onto your phone (no taking apart required) and allows you to take photos at any angle

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• Easy to swivel and use once fitted. • Half the price of equivalent gadgets. • Saves buying a DSLR with a fold out screen. • Compact and slips in your pocket. • Made with fine materials that will last. • Magnetic ring for zero phone damage. • Top quality optics for crisp pics.

You can click the link below to get a lot more details on the Spy Lens for all Smartphones and check the current price at Amazon.

Check it out at Amazom.com

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