SpyCrushers Spy Camera Glasses – Best Spy Sunglasses

HAVE LOADS OF FUN using your new spy gear spy camera sunglasses and be the envy of all your friends. Keep it a secret or show everyone how your new spy cam spy glasses records hidden camera video and take clear crisp pictures. They’ll be amazed!

SPY GADGETS that make you a super cool secret agent. Your pinhole glasses has a covert camera that can record 60 minutes of continuous video on a full charge and take hundreds of photos with a push of a button. Your wearable camera glasses can be used outdoors, indoors, for events, for surveillance and more. You can imagine ALL the possibilities.

Spy Glasses
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WATCH ANYWHERE, ANYTIME The included Micro USB Cable allows easy viewing of your recorded video on your PC or Mac. No computer? No problem, INSERT THE MICRO SD CARD INTO YOUR 4-IN-1 CARD READER, CONNECT IT TO YOUR PHONE AND WATCH THE VIDEOS FROM THE PALM OF YOUR HAND.

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