KING SL1000 SureLock TV Antenna Signal Strength Meter

The KING SureLock Digital TV Signal Finder offers a fool-proof way to locate the strongest available TV signal(s) no matter where you are. If your TV antenna can receive the signal, the SureLock SL1000 can help you point your antenna to maximize it! Rotating your directional TV antenna can be time-consuming. Unless you are pointed at the correct TV tower, you won’t get best reception when doing a TV channel scan. But you don’t know if you are pointing your TV antenna towards the correct tower unless you complete a full channel scan. It’s time to know where to aim your TV antenna before you do your channel scan, and the KING SL1000 can help.

KING SL1000 SureLock TV Antenna Signal Strength Meter
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The SureLock SL1000 was designed to simplify the TV antenna aiming process and ease your frustrations. The meter connects in-line with your over-the-air TV antenna via coax input and output connections and provides bright LED feedback for signal strength measurements. The SL1000 also has a variable sensitivity adjustment to allow you to work with all TV transmitting towers, both near and distant. Look for the strongest TV signal and lock your antenna in!

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