HIDEit Uni-M | Patented Adjustable Set-top Box Mount

Adjustable to fit a wide variety of devices. Vertical Height: 10” to 13.95” - Minimum Vertical Length 7” (Overhang is fine) Vertical Depth 1.5” to 2.75” If your device is larger or smaller, there are other HIDEit models to fit your device!

This mount is the easy way to HIDE your media devices behind your TV. Our Mount is adjustable and fits snug to your device. The mount doesn’t add any bulk. If the device can fit behind the TV without our mount, the component will fit with our mount!

 HIDEit Uni-M | Patented Adjustable Set-top Box Mount
 HIDEit Uni-M | Patented Adjustable Set-top Box Mount at Amazon

SPACE SAVING ORGANIZATION IN MINUTES. Enjoy your beautifully wall mounted TV without having to look at a mess of wires and boxes! You don’t have to run wires through your wall or worry about re-doing the whole wiring every time you get a new device. Just HIDEit!

HIDEit is a total solution to vertically wall mount your electronic components and video game consoles. Privately held, it's been trusted by thousands since 2009. HIDEit Mounts are made in the USA from powder-coated, 16-gauge Steel in an ISO Certified shop. HIDEit Mounts won’t chip and are built to last.

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