C Band/Ku Band 10 Foot Satellite Dish

One of the Best High-quality, high-performance 10 ft C-Band black mesh satellite dishes. This is a popular satellite dish size that is used for residential and commercial C-band television reception in the USA and Canada. This antenna size will receive approximately 100% of North American and 90% of Latin American shows.

C Band/Ku Band Satellite Dish
C Band/Ku Band Satellite Dish at Amazon

This is the 6th generation model with heavy-duty mount and superior steel construction. Pole, pyramid base, actuator, LNBF are NOT included.

This Package Contains: 8 Mesh Panels - Mounting Frame - 4 LNBF rods - Declination bracket - Mounting nuts and bolts - Feed Cover

You can click the link below to get a lot more details on the C Band/Ku Band 10 Foot Satellite Dish and check the current price at Amazon.

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03-03-2018, 12:57

Need a 10' dish the mounting will be a movable type with motor arm actuator.
I only need the dish I have everything else

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