KaKu LNB 5 for Directv Slimline Dish

This is the Directv SL5 LNB, it has 4 outputs for the DIRECTV satellite signals. The SL5 LNB is lighter and better looking. The Slimline encompasses three LNBs to receive 101°, 110°, 119° degree satellite, plus the new Ka satellite (99°, 103°) for local HD MPEG4 programming.

KaKu LNB 5 for Directv Slimline Dish

The Directv SL5S LNB is designed with an integrated single wire multi-switch (SWM) which allows you to have multiple satellite feeds at once (99°, 101°, 103°, 110° and 119° satellites.). It also allows DIRECTV DVRs to use both tuners while only having one line connected to the receiver.

Compatible with the HR20+ HD DVR receivers, H20+ HD receivers, R16 and R22 DVR receivers, and D12 standard receivers. Requires SWM (2way, 4way or 8way) splitter to connect more than 1 IRD (receiver). LNB arm, power supply and satellite dish are not included.

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