Eyesat Dual DSS Satellite Circular LNB/LNBF - Compatible with DISH NETWORK, DIRECTV, Bell Satellite Systems

Dual DSS LNB for dish network, directv, bell express vu DSS Dual Output Circular LNBF used for DirecTV DSS (legacy) satellite reception in North America. Compatible with all DBS satellite receivers.

* Dual Output LNBF
* Lightweight and small size for easy installation
* Covers DSS Ku Band Satellite Frequencies 12.2-12.75 GHz
* Low Noise Figure of 0.4 dB for improved signal reception (specially on weak signal) and low interference.
* Voltage-Controlled RH/LH Switching (13/18 V)
* The feed diameter is a standard 40mm thus allowing it to be mounted effortlessly on almost any offset dish.

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Watch different satellite TV channels in different rooms.
Square shaped to fit almost any type of dish.
Works with 61.5/82/91/110/101/119/129/148/72/77
Dual output: can be used with multiple receivers.
Compatible to be used with many switches: SW21, SW44, diseqC, SW64, 3x4, 4x4.

Specification Value Input Frequency Range 12.2 ~ 12.75 GHz Output Frequency Range 950 ~ 1450 MHz LO Frequency 11.250 GHz Conversion Gain 56 dB Cross Pol. Isolation 18 dB Noise Figure 0.4 dB Input Reflector Type Offset Gain Flatness +/- 4 dB V.Pol and +/- 3 dB H.Pol L.O. Frequency Stability: (+25°C) +/- 500 KHz (-30°C ~ +60°C) +1.9MHz @-30°C, -1.7MHz @+60°C L.O. Phase Noise: (1 KHz Offset) -55.61 dBc/Hz (10 KHz Offset) -84.61 dBc/Hz (100 KHz Offset) -101.6 dBc/Hz Output Connector 75Ohm F Type Female D.C. Power Supply 10.5 – 19 V D.C. Power Consumption 90 mA (Typ.) Polar Switching Voltage Right-hand: 10.5 ~ 14 V Left-hand: 16.0~ 19 V Operating Temperature -30°C ~ +60°C

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