Dish Network 103602 IR Remote Control

This is a Genuine Original Dish Network 103602 IR 1.5 Remote. Specifications: Original OEM Remote Control Universal Infrared Capable Able to control up to four devices Emits IR (infrared / line-of-sight) signals

Dish Network Original OEM Remote Control
Dish Network Original OEM Remote Control at Amazon

This is OEM DishNetwork IR remote control originally supplied with the 301 receivers and will work with all dish network IR receiver models : 1000,2700,2800,2900,3000, 3500, 3700,3800,3900, 4700, 4900, 311, 322 and 301

This remote has 4 clear buttons on the top including SAT, TV, VCR, and AUX. Remote is same as all models listed: 1.5-IR, 123470984-AE , 123470978-AA, 123479171-AA, 123479519-AA, 123479513-AA, 103602, 117055, 110164, 103781, 103776, 113268, 121441, and 119420.

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