C Band/Ku Band 12 Foot Satellite Dish

One of the Best High-quality, high-performance 12 ft C-Band black mesh satellite dishes. This is a popular satellite dish size that is used for residential and commercial C-band television reception in the USA and Canada. This antenna size will receive approximately 100% of North American and 90% of Latin American shows.

C Band/Ku Band Satellite Dish
C Band/Ku Band Satellite Dish at Amazon

This is the 6th generation model with heavy-duty mount and superior steel construction. Pole, pyramid base, actuator, LNBF are NOT included.

INCLUDES: •8 Mesh Panels •Mounting Frame •4 LNBF rods •Declination bracket •Mounting nuts and bolts •Feed Cover

Performance: C-Band Gain(@4.2GHz): 42.8dBi (Typ) Ku_band Gain(@12.2GHz): 51.1dBi (Typ) C-Band Mainlobe Beamwidth: 1.5° Ku-Band Mainlobe Beamwidth: 0.40°

Antenna Construction: Material: Aluminum Mesh Hole size: 0.08" (2mm) Panels: 8 Rib size: 1" (2.54cm) sq. Feed Support Rods: 4 Rod Length: 63.5" (161.3cm) Rod Mount: 20.0" (50.8cm) from rim on panel face Aperture Diameter (inner): 139" (353.1cm) Focal Length: 51.0" (129.5cm) F/D Ratio: 0.37 Finish: Polyester Powder Coating Color: Black / Glossy Black Weight: 125 lbs

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30-10-2017, 23:51

Please advise:
I have a 10 foot and a 12 foot dish, both have a few of the rods between the lnb and the mesh dish broken by hurricane IRMA. Are those rods available to purchase so that I can repair the 2 dishes without replacing them? thanks


08-11-2017, 23:47

You may be able to find a satellite dist that still has some or look for a use one for parts. Also I have seen some cband satellite dishes for sale on craigs list,facebook,etc..

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