C-band LNBF C1W-PLL lite Wideband Phase Lock Loop LNBF

The Titanium Satellite C1-PLL LNBF ® lite wideband version has the performance of the C1PLL model in a lightweight housing with a lower price. Excellent value and reliability! The C1WPLL lite features the Phase Lock Loop stability required for reliable reception of S2, high FEC and narrow bandwidth satellite transponders in the wideband range of 3.4 - 4.2Ghz.

If you have interference from WiMAX 4G LTE or wide area WiFi, purchase the Titanium Satellite C1-PLL with WiMAX filter. All Titanium Satellite products are factory line tested multiple times to assure specification and performance compliance. The C1W-PLL lite cast aluminum housing sports a glossy white color protective finish. This attractive finish looks great and reduces thermal heating. The craftsmanship and quality components are superior to any C-band LNBF brand on the market.

The waterproof, 3GHz, blue-insert, F-fitting coax connection is only found on Titanium Satellite products. Provided with a secure fitting, Royal Blue color feedhorn cover, dielectric slab insert for circular C-band reception and mounting hardware. The included universal flat type three ring scalar is tapped for mounting on button hook, three and four leg prime focus dish designs.

The C1PLL lite wideband version is an inexpensive and reliable option to increase performance and signal reliability of your BUD C-band satellite system! † The C1-PLL®, C2-PLL®, C1WPLL and C2WPLL logos are trademarks of Titanium Satellite

C-band LNBF
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Wideband PLL (Phase Lock Loop) C-band LNBF (3.4 - 4.2Ghz)
Perfect for receiving hard to capture weak signals
Fast Signal lock for high FEC and Low SR DVBS and S2 channels
Stability: +/-100Khz and 20Khz at operational temperature
Limited Lifetime Warranty against Defect and Frequency Drift

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