Mini Bluetooth Headset

The Mini Bluetooth Headset will let you enjoy a more comfortable wearing xperience. It is smaller than any S530 and Q26 earbuds,will not cause ear pain. Stays comfortable in most type of ear canals with 2 ear caps. Invisible without flash. It is small enough for you to listen to music or watching during work in the office that nobody will notice what you are doing, and it is great for listening to music and taking calls.

Mini Bluetooth Headset
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Now you can have longer music and talk time. It comes with a built-in 50mAh polymer battery with bluetooth 4.1. Energy Saving Chip which will make the earbud last up to 5 hours of music time and 6 hours for continuous talk time. All you need to do to pair with you phone is to hold down the power button of the Earbud for about 5 seconds or longer until you see the blue & red light blink alternately or hear a beat, then you can pair it with your smartphone.

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