ANTOP Adjustable Outdoor TV Antenna Mount Pole

The ANTOP J-Pole Outdoor Antenna/Satellite Mount features weather-resistant material and is ideal for outdoor use. The included mounting accessories enable you to install it easily. Its adjustable angle, base pivot allows for flat, angled or vertical use and supports roof, attic or sidewall installation.

It is designed in the US and is suitable for all types of outdoor antennas. All ANTOP products come with 24-hour access to online customer support and installation assistance. ANTOP products include a 12-month warranty.

ANTOP Adjustable Outdoor TV Antenna Mount Pole
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Durable, lightweight and easy to install.
Adjustable angle, base pivot for flat, angled, or vertical use.
Modern Design, painted steel tube, 22in. x 1.3in.
Ideally suitable for outdoor use with all types of outdoor TV antennas.

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