Non - Penetrating Roof Mount for Satellite Dish

This is the best satellite dish mount to go with when you have to install a satellite dish on the roof or on the ground when a pole mount or a mast mount attached to a building is not desired by the customer or home owner.

We have used this mount in just about every commercial install and also on a lot of homes with flat roofs and everyone has always been happy with the appearance and function of it.

Just about every service station,convince store and a lot of business you go by that use some source of satellite credit card processing or communications systems,you will see a Non - Penetrating Roof satellite mount in use.

Non Penetrating Roof Mount with a 2
Non Penetrating Roof Mount with a 2

This is the Non-Penetrating Roof Mount with a 2" mast for the Slimline Dish and other satellite dishes that require a 2" mast in diameter. It will allow you to make minor adjustments of the mast pitch from 2 degrees positive to 10 degrees negative. It has a black powder coated steel construction 1.50” angle steel frame. This mount holds 8 concrete blocks for ballast. There is no roof drilling or roof penetration required for installation.

What we really like is the K.D. assembly that allows easier portability to get it up to the roof without hurting yourself.This mount has a 2.0” mast, which allows you to select the diameter when assembling the frame. Also just in case the installation is to be on a flat roof,it has a sleight pitch so the the mast can be adjusted from 2° outward from the frame to a little over 10° inward toward the block area.

The main feature we like about this mount is that no holes need to be drilled in the roof surface, this avoids reluctance by building owners and reduces the possibly of roof leaks.

The total weight of the assembly can be varied by the use of either “light” concrete blocks or standard weight blocks. Of course,this and ALL roof mounted antenna assemblies should be tethered to the building with a flexible steel cable for maximum security. Also we always recomend using a Non-Penetrating Mount Pitch Pad,it helps to prevent the mount from sliping or sliding and helps protect the surface it sits on.

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