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Central Satellite is located in Morton,MS "One of the so claimed Chicken Capital's of the World". We want to give you the best choice of Satellite Equipment,Electronics,Gadgets and other cool tech stuff and provide you information on just about anything that is digital or analog.

Yes we are a bunch of geeks that do way too much online window shopping to bring you the best in Satellite Parts and Equipment,HDTV Equipment and Accessories,Streaming Media Players,Tech Gear and Gadgets and just about anything else that is Digital or Analog. Most of us here have sold and installed cBand,DSS,FTA and Security Systems and seen a lot of changes and things come and go in this business since the mid 90's.

We are an Associate Web site listing products and reviews that we think would be of interest to you. We do not carry any of the products listed on the site and we don't directly sell anything. We do make a small commission from products we list on the site.

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