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First Strike FS1-PRO HD Satellite Meter

FS1-PRO HD Satellite Meter

Firat Strike Satellite Meters. When it needs to be done right the first time! All new for 2015.
Hand Held Security Scanners

Hand Held Security Scanners

Garrett™ is the global leader of hand-held search metal detection for security and law enforcement.
Sling Tv Streaming Video Service

Sling TV ®

Now that Dish Network's Sling Tv ® has been out for awhile,Let us know what you think at our forum.

Featured Picks

Avenger PLL322S-2 Twin Ku PLL LNBF

Avenger Twin Ku PLL LNBF

The best PLL LNBF on the market! Only 1dB noise temperature and over 55dB of gain will bring in those weak transponders.This LNBF is a MUST HAVE for HD receivers and MPEG4 receivers. If you are upgrading to MPEG4,upgrade your LNBF to PLL. Read More
The FS1 has now been replaced by the advanced FS1-SE (Second Edition). Don't buy a FS1!!! Get the newest FS1-SE meter which has many more useful functions. This meter has all the features we've been asking for. This meter makes the clones and copy meters obsolete.The most advanced FS1 that you can buy. No one else has it because we developed it. For more than 25 years, What Satellite and Digital TV has been the only UK consumer magazine catering for digital TV enthusiasts.

Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun

You can carry 18,000,000 volts of stopping power almost anywhere with no one even knowing because the stun gun is concealed in the flashlight. It also has a built in USB charger to charge iPods, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 5, and a mini USB for a charger.  Read More
Protect your equipment with our re-usable WaterLock.The soft silicon rubber forms around the coax connector keeping it clean and dry

WaterLock - 3 Pack

Protect your equipment with our re-usable WaterLock.The soft silicon rubber forms around the coax connector keeping it clean and dry. If you need to take it off, just un-snap it and it comes off clean and ready to be re-used. Read More

Central Satellite's Select Deals!

Quad Core Media Box

MB1 Quad Core Android Media Box

Now you don't need a satellite dish! Now you don't need a installer! All you need is our quad core media box and broadband internet to receive FREE programming.
Read More
Chaparral C/KU band Corotor ll Plus Feedhorn

C/KU band Corotor ll Plus Feedhorn

Designed for systems which require reception of both C and Ku-Band signals. The Chaparral Corotor II Plus is primarily for reception of satellites in the United States.
Read More
Venture 24 inch Maxie Dish Mover-Actuator

24" Maxie Dish Mover-Actuator

Venture Maxie 24" inch linear actuator. MA 810-24K, 1000 lb Load, 32 Pulse, Suggested dish size between 6ft to 16ft. A high Quality Actuator that is easy to install. FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states.
Read More

Latest Customer Favorites

DIY Wireless Home Security System

Install this HomeSafe wireless home security system and know that you are well-protected without the burden of monthly monitoring fees or expensive setup fees. It works wirelessly,simple to install and comes with a keypad for easy programming. It also includes an auto-dialer function that will allow the system to call up to five (5) numbers when there is an intruder. Read More   

SYNOQ SR1 HD FTA Satellite Receiver

Don't let the small form factor fool you. This is one powerful receiver. This receiver comes with a external remote eye so the receiver can be placed out of site. Ethernet and WIFI Embedded allows you to connect to the internet easily. MPEG4/H.264 HP@L4.1 HDTV 1080P and USB for Multimedia Player, PVR. Read More

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Vampire Repellent 10% Pepper Spray

Vampire Repellent Pepper Spray is formulated to repel vampires by adding a touch of garlic to its ingredients. It repels VAMPIRES and humans plus all the other Renfields out there! Read More

Most Popular Items

YOUR BEST VALUE! Includes 2 oz with wall mount, 1/2 oz with car visor clip, and 1/2 oz with Quick Key Release key ring!

Pepper Shot® Tri-Pack Pepper Spray

This is what you need for absolute total pepper spray protection.

Venture Maxi Actuators combine a long life Acme Screw with a DC voltage electric motor providing a high performance ready to install linear drive system.

Venture 52" Maxie Actuator

52" inch linear actuator. MA 810-52K, 1000 lb load capacity.

Chaparral Servo Motor

Getting only odd or even channels? It's the servo.

Dual R-Style LNBF

Compatible with Directv or Dish Network Dishes. Dual output .

DirecTV SL5 LNB 4 Output

The Slimline encompasses three LNBs to receive 101°, 110°, 119° & 99°, 103° for local HD MPEG4 programs. Read More...

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Global Coverage with Mobal Satellite Phone Rental

Truly Global Phone Coverage

Get a Mobal Iridium Satellite Phone for Just $14 per day with no hidden extras.

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