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Best Sellers

YOUR BEST VALUE! Includes 2 oz with wall mount, 1/2 oz with car visor clip, and 1/2 oz with Quick Key Release key ring!

Pepper Shot® Tri-Pack Pepper Spray

This is our best seller for total pepper spray protection.


Venture Maxi Actuators combine a long life Acme Screw with a DC voltage electric motor providing a high performance ready to install linear drive system.

Venture 52" Maxie Actuator

52" inch linear actuator. MA 810-52K, 1000 lb load capacity.


Electronic Keychain Whistle

Emits a loud 120db whistle for as long as you push the button.


Commdeck Dish Mount

Commdeck is the answer for a damage free installation.


Chaparral Servo Motor

Getting only odd or even channels? It's the servo.


Dual R-Style LNBF

Compatible with Directv or Dish Network Dishes. Dual output .


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